IAABO RefSchool Bulk Purchase and Bulk Renewal Form
 IAABO interpreters/secretaries/instructors who wish to purchase subscriptions to IAABO RefSchool (High School, International Version, or both) or the IAABO Refresher Test in bulk for their board or certification class can log-in here.

Subscriptions to the IAABO Refresher Test cost $3 per person.

For IAABO RefSchool, boards who purchase 10 or more user accounts in bulk for their students or members are given a 40% discount ($12 per user, instead of the $20 regular price. This form also allows you to process bulk renewals for existing subscribers.

Currently, we are running a free trial period for all users of 2022 IAABO RefSchool - High School Version. Users can sign themselves up individually for free, and their subscription will be free through the end of September. As of Oct 1, all free trials will end and people can then register themselves at the regular price of $20 per user, or $12 per user for bulk orders (10 or more users) submitted by you. Please wait to submit any bulk orders until Oct 1, since bulk orders can not be processed until the trial period has ended. Thank you.



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